The Pit of Tech Hacks

So you have been building your business, used the accounting system that has been recommended or had the best deal at the time. It has served you pretty well with some hacks. You have then bolted on numerous systems to overcome these hacks. But this is becoming unwieldy, inefficient and costly. But more importantly, you are not getting real data to make truly informed decisions. It has been said that only 2% of data is actually used to assist decision making.

This is a common story.

Can you believe that being in this situation, while it may seem bad, can…

Data is the word of now. It shone the light on how governments and businesses should be using the information they have to analyse the current state of play, look for new opportunities and preparing your business for what comes next. Data by itself is nothing, yet it has never been more important to make use of this significant business asset.

Leaders in business recognise that decision making must be done quickly and efficiently, whether it is identifying new opportunities, products, or undiscovered efficiency improvements. …

Great article Sharan - we used the Iowa Liquor Commission (Google Colab) dataset - IT IS HUGE! But can be whittled down - and gives an opportunity to showcase many skills for a product recommender.

Tas Tudor

Ex-accountant & adviser, entrepreneur and current Founder of Scale It Consulting (

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